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How can I use two translators in a Language definition?

Daniel Orozco Moya (112) | asked Jan 16 '19, 5:53 p.m.


I need to use two translators in the same language definition. I added the translators to a language definition but when I run a compilation I get the following error:

* [antp:compile] [1] 2019-01-16 16:12:34,332 CRHTC1501E Failed: Build_RPG_Modules : M_LANG/QRPGLESRC(MLGINQR) BuildException : required attribute output.library.2 not set.
* [antp:compile] [1] 2019-01-16 16:12:34,415 CRHTC1501E Failed: Build_RPG_Modules : M_LANG/QRPGLESRC(MLGINQR) NullPointerException : null.

Note: this error is always generated, no matter what compiling directive you use in the translators.

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