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Hyperlinks within a generated (doc) report

Zvika Mond (115) | asked Jan 13 '19, 5:14 a.m.

When I generate a report out of a module into a Word document, the hyperlinks in the module keep on pointing

to the DNG database, i.e. clicking on a hyperlink line opens a browser (Chrome) window and leads to the relevant
artifact. I would expect the report builder to generate hyperlink to the relevant line within the document. Can it be done? Thanx in advance.

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Richard Hall (107213) | answered Jan 13 '19, 4:50 p.m.

Yes this can be done using RPE

We achieved it as follows

1) Ensure that a bookmark is added for any artifact that is linked to that contains the last part of the url of the artifact
about.substring(about.lastIndexOf("/") + 1);

2) When outputting the 'text' of the referencing requirement, remove the part of url that corresponds to the DOORS NG root
div.replace(new RegExp(_dngRoot, 'g'),"#");

where _dngRoot = about.substr(0, about.lastIndexOf("/")+1);

Any link within the document should work fine.

If the link is to an artifact in a different document, the hyperlink will not work.,  Instead it will just go to the top of the current document

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