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DOORS DXL : Linkset and Link pairing trigger DXL

Rahi J (29336) | asked Oct 04 '18, 1:29 a.m.

 Dear Team,

This question related to DXL scripting, I have to write a script which will create a trigger which automatically creates link modules/linkset/linkset pairing. below are some user stories for same : 

1. As a user I should be able to link requirements.
2. The tool shall automatically identify a user intention to create links.
3. When identifying the user intention to create a link, the Tool shall execute a trigger.
4. When identifying the user intention to create a link, the tool shall execute a trigger.

Is there any help for same where I can start and enhance the feature?

Thank you so much!

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Alex Ivanov (713) | answered Oct 04 '18, 9:12 a.m.

DXL scripting isn't possible in DOORS Next Generation, so either you meant to ask about in DOORS 9.x (also known as DOORS classic) in which case you are in the wrong forum:

I would also question why you need this script in the 1st place as the DOORS tool basically does all of this for you already when you go to create a link. I do recommend creating at least 1 link module ahead of time before anyone tries to create links.

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