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JTS server is not talking to JAS server over internet

vowner owner (25116) | asked Aug 06 '18, 1:30 a.m.


we have clm setup in azure platform in windows. we have 2 applications JTS&CCM configured in one liberty and JAS in another liberty of same server.
Since both jts and JAS aere in same server, we have two public ip addresses and public dns for the same server, where one we assigned for jts and other we assigned for JAS.

for example 

1)public ip. 54.x.x.x (dns name configured with jts and ccm liberty profile with that end point host in server.xml
2)public ip. 55.x.x.x (dns name configured with JAS liberty profile with that end point host in server.xml

Since the ip and dns names are public, we have to restrict the access and we came to know from infra team that there is load balancer in azure side, which will 
will filter the traffic in two ways with other 2 public ips&DNS(which is using by customerside) and internally assigned public ips and dns names are blocked.

Example- if the request coming from public, the L.B has 2 filters.

 for public addresse
        ---- route to -----------------route to

So we have reconfigured the setup with registering the applications jts with and JAS with and done jts setup and registerd jaz with JTS.

inside the server, when we are accessing the jts, its redirecting to the jas url which we registerd(
but when we are accessing the customer using urls ex: --- we are getting a page where its telling as " connecting to atherisation server" and no response.

We found that still from the outside the jts application cant talk to the JAS application and we are stuck here.  

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