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commad for certificate import in IHS kdb file

vowner owner (25633) | asked Nov 24 '18, 6:43 a.m.

 Hello experts,

i was following commandline installation of CLM 6.0.5 with liberty profile (distributed environment)  and i could complete the installation part of application successfully by following the ibm documents.

Also i have installed the IBM HTTP Server in seperate server and now i neeed to do the SSL certificate import and handshake with the loberty profile.

part 1 -Create a key database and self-signed certificate for IHS

i completed these steps by below 2 Using gskcmd, command line and it was success.

On the IHS machine, Open a command terminal and cd to /bin, e.g. /opt/IBM/HTTPServer/bin, 
         Create the key database
            ./gskcmd -keydb -create -db ihskeys.kdb -pw xxxxx -expire 3650 -stash -type cms 
         Create the self-signed certificate for IHS URL
            ./gskcmd -cert -create -db ihskeys.kdb  -label default -expire 3650 -size 2048 -dn "CN=xxxxx" -default_cert yes -pw xxxxx 
But in part 2-  Setup SSL Handshake between the Liberty profiles and IHS

i couldnt find any proper commandline guidance to do this through commands. From each application servers (JTS, CCM, QM, RM) i copied the defauly keystore files ([JAZZ_HOME]\server\liberty\servers\clm\resources\security\ibm-team-ssl.keystore)
to IHS server and i need to import these keystore file to IHS kdb file through command line. i tried with various option and its getting failed.

./gskcapicmd -cert -import -db /opt/IBM/HTTPServer/ibm-team-ssl.keystore -pw ibm-team -target /opt/IBM/HTTPServer/key.kdb -target_pw ibm-team

its giving error as invalid keystore format. Here my aim is to import these copied keystore files to IHS kdb file in personal certificate)

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Stefan Oblinger (185213) | answered Nov 26 '18, 2:12 a.m.
You need to provide the keystore formats. Liberty servers use JCEKS, IHS uses CMS.

Try this command to import JTS keys:
./gskcmd -cert -import -db /path/to/jts-keystore -pw ibm-team -type jceks -target /path/to/IHS/keystore -target_pw secret -target_type cms -label default -new_label default_jtscert
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vowner owner commented Nov 26 '18, 8:15 a.m.

 Hello Stefan,That worked like amagic for me.. Great help by youu.. Thanks a ton.

vowner owner commented Nov 26 '18, 8:16 a.m.

 Also i have another .kdb in the same IHS server for webserver plugin(plugin-key.kdb).

as per the document, i have to extract the certificate from each liberty profiles keystore( here i created seperate keystore for each liberty eg: jts.jks, ccm.jks etc).
and i extracted certificate using below command 
 for example below for RM liberty server. 
./ikeycmd -cert -extract -db /opt/IBM/605CLM/JazzTeamServer/server/liberty/servers/clm/resources/security/RM.jks -type jks -label RM -target /opt/IBM/605CLM/JazzTeamServer/server/liberty/servers/clm/resources/security/rmcert.crt -pw mypass
Now i copied this to IHS server and tried with below command, here my aim is to add these extracted certificate to the signer part of the plugin-key.kdb
i tried below command and its getting added to signer certificate but label option is not working for me. 
./gskcapicmd -cert -import -db /opt/IBM/HTTPServer/rmcert.crt -pw mypass -target /opt/IBM/Websphere/Plugins/Config/WebsServer1/plugin-key.kdb -target_pw mypass.
here in signer its adding as fqdn name format.

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