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How to integrate Rational Team concent and Urbancode Build

Fabiano Lima (153) | asked Jun 13 '18, 1:52 p.m.

I would like integrate Rational Team concert and Urbancode Build where I can submit a request build from RTC. The RTC has Build engine to Build Forge, but hasn't to Urbancode Build. How to possible make it?

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Allan Caetano (26) | answered Jun 13 '18, 5:28 p.m.

Fabiano, there's no build engine type ready-made for UrbanCode Build like there is for Jenkins and Build Forge, you're left with two options:

   - have a Jazz Build Engine call UrbanCode Build, through the REST API, to fire compilations from the RTC side. This option is awkward, in my point of view.
   - configure UrbanCode Build to fire compilations when there are new changesets in a build repository workspace. That option is simpler, and allows one to trace builds to the RTC source as well as to the compiled artifacts, if they're kept on CodeStation or Artifactory. I've worked at a large financial institution in South America, where we had the pipeline integrating RTC, UrbanCode Build and UrbanCode Deploy.

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Dhinesh Palanisamy (157) | answered Jun 13 '18, 3:51 p.m.

 Hi Fabiano Lima,

I presume that your query is regarding the RTC- zOS.
 Yes,you can integrate the RTC with UCD using package definition under the Enterprise Extension. Here you can specify the buztool path of the UCD. so the required datasets will be moved to UCD Component . If you are looking for the java then prefer suitable build definition which provides the post-build deploy option to specify the UCD host name and to establish connection.

Fabiano Lima commented Jun 13 '18, 4:02 p.m.
Hello Dhinesh,
thanks for response, but I would like integrate RTC with Urbancode Build, where I could submit a request from RTC, as I can with Build Forge. See image:

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