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How to set Heading artifact numbering to start with alphabetic letters instead of numbers?

Michael Laurendi (105436) | asked Jun 05 '18, 3:00 p.m.

In a module in RDNG, how do you set the auto-numbering of Heading artifacts to be alphabetic letters instead of numbers. For example, after the artifacts in Section 8, I want an artifact of type “Heading” to be A.1 followed by artifacts within section A.1 to be A.1.1, A.1.2 etc. Similarly, Appendix B will have a heading of B.1, followed by artifacts within the section numbered B.1.1, B.1.2, etc.

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David Sedar (262) | answered Jun 06 '18, 5:00 a.m.

 good luck with that, 

I haven't found any way to control heading numbering,
so mostly avoid the Heading Row and create my own section numbering attribute

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