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Including a loadrule file into another

Marie Michelin (14115) | asked May 23 '18, 7:58 a.m.


(Using RTC 6.0.2).
Is there any way to include a load rule file into another ?

Indeed we have several usages of our components and not all of them are always used. But some of them are the basis of our development and should always be loaded the same way.

Today we created several load rule files, but when there is a change in the basis components, all the load rule files should be modified. And sometimes, we forget one of them.

If we could write a "basis" load rule file, that will be included in the other load rule files, we would have only one change to do.

I read this article : and didn't see anything about that, but I could have missed something.

Thanks for your help,

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