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Unable to to upload a RPE report using the API

Russell Norlund (17211622) | asked Feb 16 '18, 2:29 a.m.

 Hi Folks, when I try upload a RPE report to RTC using the API, I get the following error message:

'An error ocurred during "Save Report Resource". Report contents are invalid. Cause: invalid CEN header (bad signature)'

The following code fragment may help in understanding this behaviour:

public String replaceReports(IProjectArea prj, String strReportIdentifier, String strRptdesignFilePath, String strDescription) {
IReportManager reportManager = (IReportManager) repo.getClientLibrary(IReportManager.class);
try {
if (!reportManager.doesReportDescriptorExist(prj, strReportIdentifier, null))
return "not found";

//Replace the Report descriptor
IReportDescriptor reportDescriptor = reportManager.fetchReportDescriptor(prj.getItemId().getUuidValue(), strReportIdentifier, null);
InputStream inStream = new FileInputStream(strRptdesignFilePath);
String strContentType ;
IContent newContent = repo.contentManager().storeContent("application/octet-stream", convertStreamToString(inStream), null);
reportDescriptor = (IReportDescriptor) reportDescriptor.getWorkingCopy();
reportDescriptor.setDesignContent("dta", newContent);
reportManager.saveReportDescriptor(reportDescriptor, null);

I have the following questions:
1. Is the content type correct i.e. "application/octet-stream" ? NB using "text/Plain" seems to work fine for BIRT reports but not for RPE reports.
2. Is this technically possible?

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