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Archive Parent Stream and Begin Anew

David Reilly (69441) | asked Jan 22 '18, 10:15 a.m.

Hi -

When we began using DOORS v6.0.2iFIX005, we created a test stream and populated a bunch of bogus data. What we should have done was archived the stream and moved on, but instead, we created a new stream from that stream and deleted the information before continuing. Because of this, we now have data in the "initial" stream that is not relevant / useful to us. 

Is there an advised way to migrate our data away from the parent stream and archive it? We have attempted to deliver, but we the process times out before it can be completed. This has also made using the Jazz Reporting Service difficult, because LQE defaults to the "Initial Stream" of the Project Area - so artifact types present in the initial stream are the only ones we can set conditions / links for. 

Thoughts and advice on this matter would be genuinely appreciated.

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