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Additional information about warning/information in Report Builder "This enumeration property contains possible values that have the same URI but different names. The first name was chosen"?

Theresa Soares (132) | asked Dec 13 '17, 6:28 p.m.

RQM and Report Builder 6.0.4 

I am experimenting with Categories in RQM. I created a category and some values, added them to the display of a report in Report Builder, and then changed the name of the category and its values. Now the following warning/info message appears in Report Builder - in the "Add Condition" window - in the attribute list next to "Category":
"This enumeration property contains possible values that have the same URI but different names. The first name was chosen"

It makes sense that Report Builder might have become confused, but I'm not sure how to fix it. How can I tell Report Builder (and/or RQM?) to ignore the first name and use the second name instead? Where I can find more information about the warning itself and the URI that the warning mentions?

I've tried the Action Menu on the category in  RQM - Manage Project Properties - Artifact Categories, but it doesn't show the internal URI or previous names. It only shows the current name and the optional External URI (which is blank, since I don't think I need it).

Thanks in advance.

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Elohim Arranaga (2461) | answered Dec 21 '17, 1:31 p.m.

 Hi Theresa, the uri refers to the internal uri created for categories in the shape of the oslc artifact, if you are interested in checking the uris you can check your artifact shapes doing an OSLC request for it (for more info check:

In regards to that warning, it basically indicates that there are other categories with the same name probably for other artifact or maybe in a different project? if that bothers you the way to fix it is to have unique names for categories, in any case this warning should not affect the data returned by the report, if this is not the case please open up a request for with the support team to follow up. 

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Theresa Soares commented Jan 18 '18, 1:26 p.m.
Thanks for your response. I think this was a synchronization issue in the metamodel. I did refresh the metamodel manually several times, but that didn't seem to help in the short term. Eventually the categories did appear correctly in the Report Builder.

When I tried the OSLC link I get an error "Access Denied". I don't have enough reputation points to upload an image, otherwise I would include a screenshot. Can you point me to a similar article in the TWiki?

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