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Is it possible to modify an Out of the Box report found in the Jazz Reporting Service?

John Steele (27113) | asked Nov 24 '17, 2:49 p.m.

A couple of the Out of the Box reports (Scope Added and Scope Removed) are perfect for my needs, but I need to be able to add one additional parameter, in order to filter the results by Team (as well as by Project).

Is there a way for me to modify these reports, or do I need to build what I need from scratch?

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Stephen Woo (96210) | answered Nov 24 '17, 4:24 p.m.
Hi John,
It seems that there two types of out-of-the-box JRS reports.
Ready to Copy (you can duplicate and then modify for your usage)
Ready to Use (the Duplicate button does not exist)
Your two reports are listed under the "Ready to Use" category. I did not see the Duplicate button. Perhaps another user can help you.
Good  luck.

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