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Upload attachment to the work item using server api.

Anurag Patel (21366) | asked Oct 11 '17, 6:56 a.m.
edited Oct 11 '17, 6:59 a.m.

Hi All,

I had written a simple code to attach a text file and excel file to the work item using server api.
For this I written follow up action and trigger the action on save operation of work item.

File has been uploaded and link to the work item successfuly but extension is different.
If I download the uploaded file from work item then file extension is of type : 'File'.

Below is the code :
FileInputStream fis= null;
File attachmentFile = new File("D:\serverInfo\sheet1.xlsx");
fis = new FileInputStream(attachmentFile);
IContentService contentService = getService(IContentService.class); 
IAttachment attachment = workItemServer.createAttachment(projectArea, monitor);
IContent content  = contentService.storeContent3(IContent.CONTENT_TYPE_UNKNOWN, IContent.ENCODING_UTF_8,LineDelimiter.LINE_DELIMITER_NONE,new FileInputStream(attachmentFile), attachmentFile.length(), null, HashCode.createHashCode(new FileInputStream(attachmentFile)));
attachment = (IAttachment) attachment.getWorkingCopy();
workItemServer.saveAttachment(attachment, monitor);
IItemReference reference = WorkItemLinkTypes.createAttachmentReference(attachment);
IWorkItemReferences targetReferences = workItemServer.resolveWorkItemReferences(rcn, null);
targetReferences.add(WorkItemEndPoints.ATTACHMENT, reference);

saveWorkitem(rcn, saveParameter, workItemServer,targetReferences);
System.out.println("Create attachment stop");
}catch (Exception e) {
if (fis != null) {

Please suggest the changes needed in this code so that if I will upload the file using this code and download the file then file extension should be the same while upload the file.

Thanks in Advance.

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Ralph Schoon (63.2k33646) | answered Oct 11 '17, 8:02 a.m.

 I know that this code has worked for me:

Please note, there is no one who can remote debug your code.

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