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How to get all work items by passing planned for attribute

Navin R S (13612) | asked Sep 14 '17, 4:09 a.m.


How to get all work items by passing planned for attribute by using java api in alm rtc

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Ulf Arne Bister (1.3k413) | answered Sep 14 '17, 10:15 a.m.


please find a very good description of this in Ralph Schoon's Blog: Query Models with API

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- Arne

Navin R S commented Sep 14 '17, 11:26 p.m.
  I am also trying to fetch the work items based on the current sprint,
I am also getting java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Argument must be an instance of IAuditableHandle .
below is my code,

IWorkItemClient workItemClient = (IWorkItemClient) iTeamRepository.getClientLibrary(IWorkItemClient.class);
IAuditableCommon iAuditableCommon = (IAuditableCommon) iTeamRepository.getClientLibrary(IAuditableCommon.class);

IQueryableAttribute planAttribute = factory.findAttribute(projectArea, IWorkItem.TARGET_PROPERTY, iAuditableCommon, monitor);
Expression plan = new AttributeExpression(planAttribute, AttributeOperation.EQUALS, CurrentMilestoneVariable.VARIABLE_ID);
Term term = new Term(Term.Operator.AND);
IQueryDescriptor iQueryDescriptor = queryClient.createQuery(projectArea, QueryTypes.WORK_ITEM_QUERY, "AllItems", term);

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