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Is there any artifacts limitation for RQM 6.0.3?

jane zhou (106864) | asked Jun 26 '17, 5:14 p.m.


Hi Someone who may concern,

        We are told  : IBM CLM (RDNG, RQM, CCM,) v6.0.3 can be 2.5 million artifacts per project.

        However, I am wondering as a project designed for testing, test result records will keep increasing very fast, how can such limitation is given?  

       First, if we assume a item  in any type: Test Case, TCER, or test result will be considered as a artifact.

         Suppose We have 23000 test cases in one RQM project  already
         if we run the case one time every week
         it will generate two artifacts - one TCER, one test result
                2500000 / 23000 = 108        

        So after   (108-1)/2 =53.5 weeks, we will reach artifacts limitation.
      This estimation is based on the minimum test frequency, if we did test much more frequently, it will reach limitation more quickly.


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Frank McGrath (242162) | answered Jun 27 '17, 10:56 a.m.

For QM there is no specific limit on the number of artifacts for a project. In general, we try to access collections of artifacts using server-side paging, so the performance hit tends to be in the database itself as it indexes, sorts and queries large tables of items.  In the most recent performance testing we did, we had 1 million test cases and probably around 10 million artifacts altogether.

As an aside, when you run a test case it will not always need to create a TCER but can reuse an existing one based on the related artifacts such as test plan, iteration, test environment and so on.

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