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Filtering out "value provider" console log messages - is there a better way?

Green Elk (1319) | asked Mar 02 '17, 11:59 a.m.
edited Mar 03 '17, 3:22 a.m.

By adding this at the start of my jazz java client code

static {
this Class will VERY CRUDELY catch all messages and ignore the irritating ones that spew out in my console
package com.greenelk;

import org.apache.commons.logging.impl.Jdk14Logger;

public class WorkitemMessageFilterLogger extends Jdk14Logger {

private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
private static final String filterName = "";
private static final String[] filterMessagePrefixes = {
        "Value provider for ",
        "Default value provider not found:" };
private boolean filter = false;

public WorkitemMessageFilterLogger(String name) {
    if (name.compareTo(filterName) == 0) {
        filter = true;


public void error(Object message) {
    if (passthrough(message)) {

public void error(Object message, Throwable x) {
    if (passthrough(message)) {
        super.error(message, x);

private boolean passthrough(Object message) {

    if (filter && message != null && message instanceof String) {
        String msg = (String) message;
        for (String prefix : filterMessagePrefixes) {
            if (msg.startsWith(prefix)) {
                return false;
    return true;


I know it's an awful hack, but the messages drive me nuts. My question is : Is there a cleaner way of doing this?

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