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How to propagate removed components from a stream to a workspace using CLI ?

Michael GHyde (503) | asked Jan 24 '17, 8:29 a.m.

 I removed two components from a stream.  Original stream and related workspace contained components "A,B,C,D,E".  I removed "B" and "E" from the stream.

output from "scm list component my_stream" shows the expected output: A,C,D.

I have a workspace with that stream as a flow target, that workspace contains the original full set of components.

I'm trying to issue a CLI "scm accept" on this workspace, to effect a delete of the files and a remove of the two components from the workspace, but I keep getting "workspace unchanged".

I've tried this:

scm accept --u user -P password -r $REPO_URL 

both with and without --flow-components. Either way, I get output:

Accepting changes:
Workspace unchanged.

If I run "scm compare workspace my_work stream my_stream", I see an acknowledgement of difference:

Outgoing Change:
  Component A
  Component B (added)
  Component C
  Component D
  Component E (added)
Incoming Changes
  Component A
  Component C
  Component D

Where B and E are the removed components in my_stream.

Any ideas how to successfully propagate a removed component from/to streams and workspaces from the CLI ?

thanks.  This is on RTC 6.0.2, windows and linux.

Lily Wang commented Jan 25 '17, 1:19 a.m.

In my RTC 6.0.2 environment, the argument " --flow-components" worked for me.

If you run "scm status" in the local sandbox, what's the output?

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