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SVN connector version compatibility

Evgeny Fraimovitch (111) | asked Jan 15 '17, 6:46 a.m.

 I am trying to configure the the RTC SVN connector to synchronize the existing Subversion repository and create references to the repository in the work items.

According to the manual I am using the Jazz SVN Connection tab in the RTC desktop client. However the 'Update Links' operation fails with an error message. ('Malformed network data') Inspecting the SVN traffic between the Jazz server and our SVN server it appears that the Jazz client gets confused after the server announces merge-info support (our server uses svnserve protocol)
From what I can gather the current versions of Jazz still employ a very outdated version of SVNKit (1.1.4?) which cannot successfully talk to newer SVN servers over the svnserve protocol.

Is there a way to update the version of the svn client built into the Jazz?

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