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How to get the Count of Result Work Items which has the Same Value for an Attribute in BIRT Reprting

Abhilash M M (1317) | asked Jan 05 '17, 5:03 a.m.
edited Jan 05 '17, 5:24 a.m.

I am working on BIRT Galileo 2.5.2 V20090925 and RTC 6.0.2
I Created the Report with
Data Source: Jazz Data Source -> WORKITEMS SNAPSHOT
Data set: WORKITEMS Table
Report Parameters; TEAM_AREA_NAME
in the Table i have Grouped Data for each ITERATION_NAME
i Need to get the Count of Work Items in Each Group with STATE_NAME  as Completed or Closed
Please Suggest on this as I am New to BIRT.

And is it Possible to Use this Value in the Chart so that i can have a Bar Chart of 
No. of Work Items Closed Vs Each Iteration

Let me Know if more information Required,

Thanks For Help!

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