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Server side: Calling RTC service from different thread

Shay Atzitz (112) | asked Dec 20 '16, 5:44 a.m.
A Deliver operation participant is trying to process some files being delivered.

In the operation participant, Trying to parallel some file processing, 
a new class extending thread was created.

The class constructor received the following parameters:
IVersionableHandle fileToProcess, and IScmService scmService.

After the thread was started,
a call to
IVersionable v = scmService.fetchState(fileToProcess, null, null);
was made.
This resulted with the following exception: User GUEST is not allowed to read state _M2NUtMYGEeaXSfH6YaeXiQ

Trying to run the same call 
( IVersionable v = scmService.fetchState(fileToProcess, null, null); )
from the thread that was invoked by the server,
inside the run method of the IOperationParticipant
was successful.
Is there a way to perform the service calls from a different thread ?


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Ralph Schoon (60.7k33643) | answered Jan 05 '17, 4:13 a.m.
Your problem seems to be related to meta information that is lost. As far as I can tell, there is a Job API that allows to run Jobs and I assume it is possible to run them on different threads. I have no examples, you would have to search how the Job API is used.

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