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how to make IAdvisorInfoCollector display multiple added IAdvisorInfo messages?

Song Jie (364) | asked Dec 17 '16, 3:05 a.m.
 Hello, supporters
It's a server side app, and I'm writing preconditions for saving a workitem.

I'm adding multiple IAdvisorInfo objects into IAdvisorInfoCollector. However only the 1st one is displayed on the page.

For example, my code is:
protected void reportFailure(IAdvisorInfoCollector c, String summary, String description, IWorkItem wi) {
//IAdvisorInfo info = c.createProblemInfo(summary, description, "Taiping Precondition R2");
//IAdvisorInfo info = c.createProblemInfo(summary, description, this.getPreconditionName());
c.addInfo(info);"Failed precondition: " + description + " \t " + this.getPreconditionName());

then I call the function
this.reportFailure(c,"test summary","desc1",wi);
this.reportFailure(c,"test summary","desc2",wi);
this.reportFailure(c,"test summary","desc3",wi);
this.reportFailure(c,"test summary","desc4",wi);
this.reportFailure(c,"test summary","desc5",wi);
after deployment, only 1 line, which is "summary, desc1" is displayed. so what did I miss? I'm expecting it displaying every advisoryinfo added ahead. thanks in advance.

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