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Attribute Customization - set Unassigned value to an enum field on workflow action (before Save)

hermoine z (112) | asked Sep 02 '16, 2:07 p.m.

Following is the use case :

I need to set a custom attribute viz. 'Found in Release' enum value to 'Unassigned' when I click on State field and select an action. For example, in order to move from Verified to closed state, I have to chose from one of the 2 actions - Close or Verification Failed. If Verification Failed is selected, the WI state becomes Rejected.

When 'Verification Failed' action is selected (WI not yet saved), I would like to reset the 'Found in Release' field and set its value to 'Unassigned'.  How can I bring in this script onto my RTC ? 

I could create a condition and use the getWorkflowAction () etc..but against what Precondition should I associate this newly create condition to ? (P.S: In my RTC, I see only 2 condition related Precondition options- Required Attributes/RO attributes for conditions)

Please help !!!!

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