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On creating a template

Sean Burke (3789131218) | asked Jul 06 '16, 6:40 p.m.
We want to create a new template that has a  standard work breakdown structure included.  This is a group of custom work items that we created.  For example we have a work item type call "Phase" which decomposes into "Activities".  These work items are phases in the product lifecycle.  It is governance that we would like every project to do.  When a new project on-boards we would like that project to see all of these parent work items (Phase) and their child work items (Activities) in a hierarchical format.  We would also like to see them displayed as plans in the plan view..

We want to make these standard project plans available to every new project.

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Jeffery Hanson (1472712) | answered Jul 06 '16, 8:37 p.m.
Assuming you are creating a parent process template. You would create a work item template (see article: in that parent process template. New projects created from that process template or inheriting from a parent process project will get that work item template. You can create plan views to be used in propagated process templates too.

Note that any changes to an existing work item template will require that a new one be created and the old one removed. From my experience I recommend creating the work item hierarchy to be used as your 'source' for the templates and keep those isolated (i.e. by work item category) to only be used for creating/updating the work item template.

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