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RTC: Micro Story Points Process Widget doesn't match real time story point data

Tracey Marcelo (111) | asked Jun 29 '16, 4:55 p.m.
We are using the Micro story points process widget on our dashboard.
It shows us story points achieved, in progress, and remaining for a given iteration.

Each Wednesday, we update RTC to reflect which stories are in the current iteration and we change the next iteration to be the "current iteration" in our timeline.

However, the widget does not seem to update to reflect the true iteration story point status until the next day.

For example, today using the web client, we changed the current iteration to "sprint 5." Then another team member using the Eclipse client, assigned stories out of the backlog to " Planned for: sprint 5".
Our story point totals are: 9 pts in progress; 76 pts new, and 5 pts implemented.
However the widget shows: 2 pts in progress and 21 remaining.
It did the same thing last week but the next morning, it "fixed itself" and all the numbers in the widget seemed to be correct.

Why is this happening? Is it because we used the Eclipse client to enter data and the web client to view the widget? Or is there a lag between servers somewhere?
We'd really like "real time" data to be displayed in the widget if we can get it.

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Don Yang (7.7k21110139) | answered Jun 30 '16, 12:40 a.m.
Hi, Tracey

There are two types of reports: live and DW(data warehouse). Micro story points report is DW report.
See the list here:

This means this report is not live report and the data is from data warehouse. If you use Jave ETL, by default
data collection jobs will be run overnight(scheduled at midnight every day to avoid peak usage during daytime). This could be the reason why you see the correct data next day because the data collection jobs were run overnight.

If you use DCC for data collection jobs, you may have more frequent data collection jobs run during the data time which could help your situation.

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