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Need information about the RTC user's profile User's "Work Environment" / "Work Location"

Pascal Jean (6012640) | asked Jun 24 '16, 5:29 a.m.
We are  working with RTC 6.0.1.
I have a question about the the User's "Work Environment" / "Work Location".
I understand that the "Work Location" defined in the user profile are used to schedule work in the planning editors and views.
The work location doesn't affect the data / time displayed on the Work Items dates and Time.
I would like to see an explanation in the on-line help (or in another place) but I can't find this.
Have you a link to this information?

Thank You in advance
Pascal Jean

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Dashboards and work items are no longer publicly available, so some links may be invalid. We now provide similar information through other means. Learn more here.