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Date validation: Cannot read property "DUE_DATE"

Akshay Panchakshari (37113) | asked Jun 09 '16, 10:07 a.m.
edited Jun 09 '16, 10:18 a.m.

I am trying to do date validation.Two fileds are involved here one is in-build "Due date" and the second is the custom field extended date. But when the script is triggered i get the below error:

!ENTRY 4 0 2016-06-09 19:31:57.154
!MESSAGE Error invoking validator
!STACK 0 Unexpected exception type
 at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor108.invoke(Unknown Source)
 at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
 at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
 at com.sun.proxy.$Proxy41.validate(Unknown Source)
Caused by: org.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError: TypeError: Cannot read property "DUE_DATE" from undefined (date-validator.js#24)
 at org.mozilla.javascript.ScriptRuntime.constructError(
 at org.mozilla.javascript.ScriptRuntime.constructError(
 at org.mozilla.javascript.ScriptRuntime.typeError(
 at org.mozilla.javascript.ScriptRuntime.typeError2(
 at org.mozilla.javascript.ScriptRuntime.undefReadError(
 at org.mozilla.javascript.ScriptRuntime.getObjectProp(
 at org.mozilla.javascript.gen.c19._c2(date-validator.js:24)
 at org.mozilla.javascript.ContextFactory.doTopCall(
 at org.mozilla.javascript.ScriptRuntime.doTopCall(
 at com.sun.proxy.$Proxy55.validate(Unknown Source)
 ... 11 more

Below is my javascriot code for the same. --


dojo.require(""); // We need the date class from Dojo to compare two dates
dojo.require(""); // We need the stamp class to work with ISO date strings

(function() {
var Severity =;
var Status =;
var WorkItemAttributes =;
var DateValidator = dojo.declare("org.example.DateValidator", null, {

    validate: function(attributeId, workItem, configuration) {
        // Get the configuration parameters about the severity and error message of this validator
        var severity= configuration.getChild("parameters").getStringDefault("severity",;
        var message= configuration.getChild("parameters").getStringDefault("message", "");
        // Get the Due date attribute

         // Get the current attribute's value and make a Date object from it
  // Compare the two dates and make sure extendedDate is not earlier than dateRequiredBy
  //If the dateRequiredBy > extendedDate = +ve else -ve
        if (, extendedDate) <= 0) {
            return Status.OK_STATUS;
        } else {
            return new Status(Severity[severity], message);

The above code was workin fine in RTC version 3.0.1. recently i have upgraded to RTC 4.0.3 and the script does't work here. WorkItemAttributes.DUE_DATE is not supported or changed in RTC 4.0.3

Please advice what is the issue here ?


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Akshay Panchakshari (37113) | answered Jun 09 '16, 10:31 a.m.

Hi All!

Found the issue!!

the below line of code was missing-



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