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Not Run state - tests not executed are not listed in Not Run counts

Lorinda Kress (134) | asked May 11 '16, 3:04 p.m.
When you run the Execution Status by TCER Count Live Report, the Not Run state column doesn't include tests that have not been executed. *Sometimes* a test will get into the Not Run state and show there, but it's not the default.  

How can you get the list of test cases not run?  What puts a test case into that Not Run state?  

Thanks for your help!

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Don Yang (7.6k21100135) | answered May 11 '16, 8:14 p.m.
Hi, Lorinda

"Execution Status using TCER Count (Live)" will be run against a particular test plan. Therefore, you need to have the right test plan selected to find out those TCER count with  Not Run state. If you suspect the count is not right, you can go to the selected test plan and Test Case Execution Record section and see if the expected  TCER is actually associated with that selected test plan.
I tested with v5.0.2 and did not see any problem and could not find any known issue with this report: Execution Status using TCER Count (Live).


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