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Problems & Questions with Openfire IM Integration

Alan Murphy (531414) | asked Aug 12 '09, 11:31 a.m.
We installed the OpenFire server a few days ago and we've been having some problems with its reliabilty and we also have some questions

1. We find that the RTC client doesn't seem to get a reliable view of who is online in fact sometimes an RTC client is very slow at going online / doesn't seem to know its own state
2. We believe that we're also seeing losing message loss between parties

Any help with ideas about how configuring it any different would help - we use the internal db and LDAP

We also tried to get some other features to work.
a. We don't seem to be able to get the Admin console Send Administrative Message to work. The server admin console says ok we sent it, but nobody seems to get the message. Is this a limitation of the RTC client or a bug ??

b. we installed the message of the day plugin nobody seems to get those messages either - again is this an RTC Client problem or a bug ?

Any help with these problems / questions would be appreciated

Alan Murphy

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