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Adding categories within the process config source

Gonzalo Soto (96159) | asked Aug 11 '09, 4:59 p.m.
I want to add some categories to 'Product', but it seems that they are not being recognized when adding then as xml.
What I did:
1) Add those 3 categories listed below to the process area config source, and save it
2) Create a process template from that project area
3) Created a new project area using the new template
4) Logged to the new project area, created a new TestPlan, but I can not see the new categories under 'Product'...

It seems that the only way to add them is within the web ui? And in that case, how can I make to have those categories appear on future projects?
Am I doing something wrong with the xml?

"server initialization"

followup-action id="" name="Setup Categories"
description="Initializes a project area with default RQM categories."

I added:

category name="Product" scope="TestPlan" /
value name="AwD Custom" /
value name="Opal Custom" /
value name="Oracle Custom" /

Basically, I applied the same concept as when customizing on RTC... but I can't make it work here

Thanks in advance.

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Gonzalo Soto (96159) | answered Aug 13 '09, 11:11 a.m.
Seems that I was closing ('/') the category definition before the values were considered...
My bad :oops:

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