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[closed] 1.Eclipse2 Application 2.Junit2 Launch 3.OSGI2 Launch these three plugins are not reflecting in run/debug configurations

Sagar Jawale (1714) | asked Apr 25 '16, 4:40 a.m.
closed Nov 11 '16, 8:34 a.m. by Ralph Schoon (62.9k33645)
 I am running Jetty setup on RTC 5.0.2, while doing setup Eclipse2 application, Junit2 Launch, OSGI2 Launch; these three plug-ins are not reflecting in run/debug configuration. I imported plug-in and fragments(CLM activation, license update site)  and features in plug in development, still I don't get these three plug-ins. please help me how can I reflect that plug-ins in run/debug configuration.

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Ralph Schoon (62.9k33645) | answered Apr 25 '16, 4:48 a.m.
edited Apr 25 '16, 4:48 a.m.
You likely failed to follow the instructions in Lab 1 of the Extensions workshop. It is pretty much impossible to tell what you mean with "not reflected". It is unclear to me what step you do and what is missing, but it is likely you failed to install the feature based launches or you failed to load the workshop configuration.
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Sagar Jawale commented Apr 25 '16, 5:14 a.m.

Thanks....I have got solution of my problem,

Actually I did not added "feature based launches file" in the 'dropins' folder which we have to create in the RTC\Jazz\client\eclipse. now I added it and I have got -plugins Eclipse2 application, JUnit2 Launch, OSGI2 Launch in run/debug configuration.

Princi Verma commented Nov 11 '16, 12:23 a.m. | edited Nov 11 '17, 5:37 p.m.


I am also facing the same issue but I don't have feature based launches file so from where I can get it. For now I have copied it( from RTC 4.0 dropins folder but it's showing Client & Server incompatibility issue(Client version 5.0.2 & server version 4.0.1). Please help.

Ralph Schoon commented Nov 11 '16, 2:33 a.m.

Princi Verma commented Nov 14 '16, 3:15 a.m.


I have gone through IBM RTC Extensiblity4.x pdf  and have followed the steps mentioned in this but still I am facing the following error -
12:46:39,988 [Start Level Event Dispatcher] ERROR                     - CRJZS0159E For the application context "/jazz", the file "" could not be found using the search path "C:\Users\A622734\My Data\SSC Project\RTC401DevV3\RTC401DevV3\workspaces\Dev1\WS.metadata.plugins\org.eclipse.pde.core[RTCExt] Jetty RTC Server\org.eclipse.osgi\bundles\235\data\temp_jazz\proxytemp\hc_277155973;C:\Users\A622734\My Data\SSC Project\RTC401DevV3\RTC401DevV3\workspaces\Dev1\WS.metadata.plugins\org.eclipse.pde.core[RTCExt] Jetty RTC Server\org.eclipse.osgi\bundles\413\data".

Princi Verma commented Nov 14 '16, 3:17 a.m.

 I have selected the same workspace which I have used for RTC version4, so Do I need to change the workspace?

Is this workspace related issue. Because I have also tried by selecting the different workspace but in that it doesn't show RTC Client & Jetty Server in the debug configuration even after pasting the feature based launches file jar into dropins folder.
Pls help... 

Ralph Schoon commented Nov 14 '16, 3:24 a.m. | edited Nov 14 '16, 3:25 a.m.

 The error message clearly shows that you did not follow the workshop. You chose to use different paths for example.

You don't explain the step you are doing and how you get the error. 

Last, but not least, there is no teamserver.propeties file. The parameters are provided in the launch. So, follow the workshop literally and be patient. The workshop provides you with all the download locations needed.

Ralph Schoon commented Nov 14 '16, 3:51 a.m.

 Finally, this question has been answered. You should create your own question, instead of asking a question in an answer to a question that is already answered.

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