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How to programmatically(Plain Java) create repository workspace for the specified changeset?

DAVID GUO (3539) | asked Mar 15 '16, 6:06 a.m.
I want to create a repository workspace programmatically in order to get the file of  the specified changeset.

So, How I get the new workspace's IWorkspaceConnection?

I use the follow code,could create workspace.

But the baseline of workspace's component is initial baseline, so the content is empty.

 String StrChangeSetUUID    = "_r7455343xMsxIDwg";

UUID uuid = UUID.valueOf(StrChangeSetUUID); 

IChangeSetHandle csHandle = (IChangeSetHandle) IChangeSet.ITEM_TYPE.createItemHandle(uuid, null);
IChangeSet changeSet =  (IChangeSet) repo.itemManager().fetchCompleteItem(csHandle, IItemManager.DEFAULT, null);

IComponentHandle componentHandle = changeSet.getComponent();

IWorkspaceConnection workspaceConnection = null;
    // How to programmatically create repository workspace for the specified changeset?
    workspaceConnection = wm.createWorkspace(repo.loggedInContributor(), "Automatic created WM",                                                                                               "Description", monitor);
    workspaceConnection.addComponent(componentHandle, false, monitor);
catch (TeamRepositoryException e)

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