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RQM Copy Utility aborts while copying Test Case Result where assigned test script is deleted

Jörg Werner (3033373) | asked Mar 02 '16, 7:47 a.m.

I tried to use the RQM Copy Utility tool to copy a Test Case Result which contains some associated test artifacts such as a Test Plan, a Test Case, a Test Script and these test artifacts were copied by the tool as well. But if the Test Script associated with this Test Case Result has been deleted, then the tool aborted while copying this deleted Test Script. A solution is that I can restore the deleted Test Script and then delete it again after copying the Test Case Result and its associated test artifacts successfully.

If e.g. the Test Script has been purged and I cannot restore it, then I can copy the Test Case Result and ignore copying this Test Script by using "-ignoreTypes" argument in the tool. But, if I want to copy all Test Case Results with their associated test artifacts and use "-ignoreTypes=testscript" argument, then all the associated Test Scripts won't be copied, even if they are not deleted or purged. That's not what I expected. 

My question is:

Is it possible to copy the test artifacts available and ignore the deleted or purged test artifacts without changing the source code of the tool?

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Donald Nong (14.4k314) | answered Mar 02 '16, 8:57 p.m.
The source code ( only handles a couple of exceptions. For your particular case, I would say modifying the source code to handle this exception is the only way to go.
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