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Can you plan work items in parallel?

Vicky Pagnaer (63230) | asked Feb 01 '16, 9:52 a.m.
RTC 5.0.1
Agile project template (even though our work environment isn't completely agile)

Situation: we have some analists that work on requirement blueprints before the actual project starts. We don't plan them per sprint because they have a lot of meetings with clients to analyze the as-is situation etc. It is a very spread out task and is too difficult and too much overhead to plan in 1-week increments...

For our high-level planning, we would like to see how their workload is spread across longer periods (quarter, six months, ...). Some of these analists work on multiple blueprints in parallel, but over a longer period of time.

For example (simplified):
january - april: blueprint 1 (50%)
january - february: testing for an earlier project (50%)
march - june: blueprint 2 (50%)

For capacity planning, I would like to see that this analist is going to be available 50% starting from May and will be available 100% starting from July.

Is there any way to do this with the available planning tools?

We have:
* a separate team area for this group
* one project area + one timeline for our whole development team with other team areas as well
* multiple levels of iterations (timeline > forecast > release (+ backlog on this level) > sprint)

I currently have a plan view for this team, grouped by owner, with the Accumulated Time column showing, but all work items are planned after each other...

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