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Supporting an Accreditation Process in RRC

Tony Kwa (201022) | asked Feb 01 '16, 1:41 a.m.
edited Feb 02 '16, 8:21 p.m.

Our project is part of a Program Wide Accreditation Process.  In the long term - we would like to have an Accreditation Repository which stores out Control Requirements and Accreditation assessment of each project.

I am just having trouble figuring out a configuring out a Configuration of RRC/CLM to help us do this.

Ideally - all the Accreditation Controls and Accreditation Assessment artefacts should live in the Acreditation Repository (RRC).  And them we could have mutiple CLM projects which store functional requirements as well as Accreditation Requirement.  In the inidividual Project repositories we would propagate the Project lifecycle..i.e. Develop with RTC, Test with Quality Management etc.    So In the Project data base - we would have the Requirements and Evidence of Compliance to the Acreditation Requirements.

The problem is that we want to support the Accreditation Process>

We can build a module which shows the Project Requirement linked to the Test and test verdict - LINKED to the Accreditation Requirement.  It would be ideal if in this Module - we can display the Accreditation Assessment attribute so that Assesors can look at each row and easily enter their decision.   BUT- because the Accreditation Assessment attribute lives in the Accreditation Repository - the view does not bring up this field(ted athrough the link( it just shows as 'Attribute Not available" under the name of the control artefact.

We have explored placing the Assessment Attribute with the Requirement Artefact in the Project Repository but a single project Requirement can support more than one Accreditation Controls so that won't work.  

Is there anyway - to  place a Linked attribute (from another repository) in a Module View and to update it ? This would really help our Accreditation Assesors.

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