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Exporting Change Set in RDNG to MS Word - Multiple Issues (Inserted Artifacts and Hyperlinks)

Paul Statham (113) | asked Jan 05 '16, 10:25 p.m.

We've run into a series of problems:

1. Any inserted artifacts within another artifact are expanded in size but become .png in MS word export
-- Is this intended? Or is there a solution to this?
2. Hyperlinked text to an artifact containing a .rtf file will show the .rtf in MS Word export so long as the artifact exists in the stream. If users upload a .rtf to a new artifact in the change set, the hyperlink does not work if you click on the text nor does it export the .rtf to MS Word.
-- Why do the hyperlinks not "find" the newly created artifacts containing the documents?
-- Its almost as if the artifact cant be located by RDNG upon export so the area is blank in MS Word yet the hyperlink text is there; for example:

Artifact 100 exists in the stream
We go into the Change Set and type "Link to Chart"
We add a link to that text, choose the "To Web" option and insert the link to Artifact 100
Upon export, we see the blue "Link to Chart" hyperlink text, and below it we see the file contained in Artifact 100

When we follow this process again, but say for Artifact 101 which exists only in the Change Set, we get only the blue text with nothing below in MS Word.


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