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How can I download an stored custom theme?

Sergio Lorente (981712) | asked Dec 04 '15, 6:51 a.m.
Hi everyone!

I had a trouble with the theme stored in our solution.
The original code was lost but it actually exists in the server.
The Rtc interface lets upload a custom theme but it doesn't allow you to download it.

Can I download any stored theme in JTS or CCM?
By the way, we're are using rtc v4.0.1

Thanks in advance.



Sergio Lorente commented Dec 11 '15, 3:09 a.m. | edited Dec 11 '15, 3:22 a.m.

Toc, Toc
Is anybody in?

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Donald Nong (14.5k614) | answered Dec 11 '15, 3:27 a.m.
edited Dec 13 '15, 8:22 p.m.
I doubt that there are any published and officially supported way to do it. You may have to do it yourself.

I believe the package is stored in the table REPOSITORY.CONTENT_STORAGE (field CONTENT_BYTES). You may also need to query table REPOSITORY.ITEM_TYPES and RESOURCE.RESOURCE (or RESOURCE0.RESOURCE) to find out more details.

Edit: the package does not appear in the REPOSITORY.CONTENT_STORAGE table, so it may be extracted as individual files in the RESOURCE.RESOURCE table and no longer stored as a whole .zip file.

Sergio Lorente commented Dec 11 '15, 4:38 a.m. | edited Dec 11 '15, 10:15 p.m.

Let me understand that.
You are about to say that i can not download a version object from a control version tool?

Anyway, i'm trying to download it from the URI filed  "storage/net.jazz.ajax.theme/_azWSQGHGEeW33IsqZKKlwA" and i from the following uri: http://hostname:port/ccm/storage/net.jazz.ajax.theme/_azWSQGHGEeW33IsqZKKlwA i was logged as user admin and result is: Error 403: CRJZS5068E Storage area is restricted. The authorization key is required to access the resource: storage/net.jazz.ajax.theme/_azWSQGHGEeW33IsqZKKlwA

Any suggestions?

Donald Nong commented Dec 13 '15, 8:18 p.m. | edited Dec 13 '15, 8:19 p.m.

You can really compare the extension with the usual source code in terms of "version control".

I did not have any problems with downloading individual XML, JavaScript or HTML file using the method that you described, logged as a member of JazzAdmins.

If you figure out the permission issue in your environment and can download the files, the one with format "application/rdf+xml" should be a good starting point as it is likely the "catalog" of the theme and contains references to other files. Here is a sample of such file.

< ?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"? >
< jfs:Theme xmlns:jfs="" xmlns:rdf="" rdf:about="" xmlns:rdfs="" >
    < rdfs:label >Sample< /rdfs:label >
    < jfs:ThemeFile jfs:contentType="text/javascript" jfs:filename="FooterLeftWidget.js" xmlns:jfs="" jfs:storageURI="https://clm502:9443/ccm/storage/net.jazz.ajax.theme/_aYKMAaH5EeW0JPv0LvlAlg"/ >
    < jfs:ThemeFile jfs:contentType="text/html" jfs:filename="templates/ThemeWidget.html" xmlns:jfs="" jfs:storageURI="https://clm502:9443/ccm/storage/net.jazz.ajax.theme/_aY1hcaH5EeW0JPv0LvlAlg"/ >
    < jfs:ThemeFile jfs:contentType="text/javascript" jfs:filename="FooterRightWidget.js" xmlns:jfs="" jfs:storageURI="https://clm502:9443/ccm/storage/net.jazz.ajax.theme/_aYY1gaH5EeW0JPv0LvlAlg"/ >
    < jfs:ThemeFile jfs:contentType="text/javascript" jfs:filename="FooterCenterWidget.js" xmlns:jfs="" jfs:storageURI="https://clm502:9443/ccm/storage/net.jazz.ajax.theme/_aX-l0aH5EeW0JPv0LvlAlg"/ >
    < jfs:ThemeFile jfs:contentType="text/plain" jfs:filename="AboveBannerWidget.js~" xmlns:jfs="" jfs:storageURI="https://clm502:9443/ccm/storage/net.jazz.ajax.theme/_aZJDcaH5EeW0JPv0LvlAlg"/ >
    < jfs:ThemeFile jfs:contentType="text/javascript" jfs:filename="AboveBannerWidget.js" xmlns:jfs="" jfs:storageURI="https://clm502:9443/ccm/storage/net.jazz.ajax.theme/_aWpJEaH5EeW0JPv0LvlAlg"/ >
    < jfs:ThemeFile jfs:contentType="text/css" jfs:filename="templates/ThemeWidget.css" xmlns:jfs="" jfs:storageURI="https://clm502:9443/ccm/storage/net.jazz.ajax.theme/_aYmQ4aH5EeW0JPv0LvlAlg"/ >
< /jfs:Theme >

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