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How can I obtain information regarding invalid allocation (WorkResourceDetails)?

Igor Felix (105) | asked Nov 03 '15, 2:38 p.m.
I am having some issues while obtaining information about work resourse details using REST API. There are some cases that one information is listed on the web interface and another information is listed using the REST API. For example, I have one allocation that is considered invalid by the web interface, but not by the REST API, resulting in 105% allocation of a user in a specific project area.

A defect has been opened (defect 370622), and I've been told that "The Reportable REST API exposes the RAW Work Resource Detail records for users as they are stored in the repository. The WEB UI is probably doing some filtering to exclude the invalid ones and probably the ones that have expired".

I've asked there, then, how to obtain the correct information (100% of allocation instead of 105%), and once again they answered to ask here, in the forum. So, replicating the question:

Can you please tell then another way to obtain this information, since I can't do it based on REST API?
Can I obtain the correct information using Java API, for example? And can you provide link to documentation?

Thanks in advance!
Igor Felix

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