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How to change configuration context to a Baseline?

Manuel Felipe Amaya (1321127) | asked Sep 10 '15, 5:53 p.m.
edited Sep 10 '15, 5:58 p.m.

I Installed CLM 6.0 as the version supported so many awesome characteristics, however, when trying to create a review in DOORS NG there is no option related to the "formality" that the review will have.

"Something wen't wrong" I thought. I read a little more and found that the only thing needed is to change the configuration context. So, I created the baseline, made a change, created another baseline, and made another change in order to get it right.

Finally, when using the option "Switch configuration" and going to the baselines view, I see nothing.

Furthermore, I thought this would only happen if the global configuration management was enabled, and it is not, but the GCM app is already installed.

Help me please, formal artifact reviews are required in this project.

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Rosalind Ashby (433) | answered Sep 11 '15, 7:59 a.m.
In order to change the configuration context to a baseline you have created, select "Switch Configuration", "Baseline" and then be sure to type a "*" in the search box, otherwise you cannot see the baselines you have created. You can then select the baseline in which you would like to view the project.
Without configuration management enabled, you have a single Stream but can create multiple baselines. Streams are the live 'version' of the artefacts, whereas in a Baseline you have all the artefacts frozen in time, and they cannot be edited. Enabling configuration management provides the ability to have mulitple streams, i.e. multiple live versions of a project which can be edited and then merged at a later point in time.
There is no longer the option to create a formal or informal review. Instead, reviews can either be created in a stream (which I believe is similar to an informal review, as the artefacts can be edited while the review goes ahead, and the reviewers see the live version of the artefact) or in a baseline (which I believe is similar to a formal review because the artefacts cannot be edited whilst in review, and they keep the version of the artefact as it was when the baseline was created.
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