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Programmatic Link Creation Issue (Parent Child) [RTC 5.0.2]

Abhishek Kumar (49520) | asked Aug 27 '15, 1:50 a.m.
 Hello All,

We had a requirement for automatic creation of a specific set of tasks to a user story, so we have developed a follow up action which runs on the save operation when the work item is created for the first time. These tasks are linked to the user story as a child. 

Now when the estimation is being done on these tasks  which has been linked to the user story programmatically as a child the estimation (Progress attribute)  is not getting accumulated in the parent user story.

When we manually removed the link (Child Parent Relationship) to the programatically created task and created the link again (Manually) and put the Effort estimate for the task then we see that the progress attribute of the parent user story is fetching the estimate from these tasks.

To sum up, the estimates of those tasks which are created by the follow up action plugin are not accumulated on the parent user story. However when we create a task manually,estimate the effort and link to parent then the effort gets accumulated on the parent.

Quite strange as the parent has child links to both of these tasks.

Can any one help me out on this issue??

Thanks in Advance.

Abhishek Kumar

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