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Upgrade path to CLM version 6.0

Vishnu Kumar (2621627) | asked Aug 10 '15, 5:56 a.m.
Hello Everyone,

We are currently at CLM 4.0.7 (RTC, RQM etc) + RRDI (2.0.6) at SQL server 2012.

We are planning to upgrade to CLM 6.0 but seems like RRDI is no longer compatible for CLM 6.0

Here is the upgrade path, we are planning to follow.

CLM 4.0.7 to CLM 5.0.2 and upgrading RRDI from 2.0.6 to 5.0.2

Later upgrade CLM 5.0.2 to CLM 6.0 and keep RRDI on 5.0.2.

Will RRDI 5.0.2 work with CLM 6.0 ?

Vishnu Kumar

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Luiz Souza (1) | answered Aug 10 '15, 1:55 p.m.
Hi Vishnu,

In version 6.0.x, Rational Reporting for Development Intelligence is no longer available as an optional download for CLM. But you can use the RRDI reports if you already have them installed on 5.0.2 or previous version. If you still want to use Cognos reports, you must first install a stand-alone Cognos Business Intelligence server. Then install ALM Cognos Connector to integrate your previous Cognos reports with your CLM server.

Installing ALM Cognos Connector:

Migrating Rational Reporting for Development Intelligence reports to Cognos Business Intelligence using the ALM Cognos Connector:

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