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Global Configuration 6.0 - How to replace RTC stream in global configuration.

Shuhichi Saitoh (20048) | asked Aug 02 '15, 9:51 p.m.
I'm evaluating the Global Configuration Management (GCM) capability in CLM 6.0 (6.0.0 GA ver.), using JKE Banking sample, and I have a problem.

When I tried to replace a RTC stream in a GCM stream, I always got the following error and never possible to do so.
You cannot use this configuration to replace the original one because they are not configurations of the same component.ID CRJGC3003E
Steps I tried are:
  1. Create JKE Banking sample projects (CCM, QM, RM and LA) and activates configuration management capability on QM and RM projects.
  2. Create a Global Configuration Management (GCM) project area
  3. In the GCM project, create a component "JKE System"
  4. Open JKE System Initial Stream and add "Production" stream in "JKE Banking (CCM)" project area, using "Add Configuraiton..." menu.
  5. In RTC 6.0 client, find "Iteration 1" snapshot on "Production" stream and create a branch stream from the snapshot ("Production (branch)").
  6. In GCM application, open "JKE System Initial Stream" GC stream and right click on the "Production" stream and select "Replace."
  7. Select "Production 2" stream created at step 5.
  8. I got the error above, and I cannot replace the stream.

I'm not sure what's wrong in the above procedure. I think the stream "Production" and the "Production (branch)" has the same components (because they are baselined on the same snapshots).

Does anyone advice me on how to replace RTC stream in a GCM stream?

By the way, I also want to know know which project area (in I can open a workitem for the Global Configuration Management (GCM) application.
It seems for me, the above behavior is a defect of the GCM application and I would like to open a workitem for it.


Don Yang commented Aug 03 '15, 1:47 a.m.

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Shuhichi Saitoh (20048) | answered Aug 03 '15, 2:53 a.m.
Jazz Foundation seems right place to post the issue about GCM.

By searching existing workitems, I found this issue was already identified in several workitems, and is decided as it works as designed (in v6.0.0), but an enhancement request is filed.

  • Duplicate RTC Stream cannot be replaced.

  • Two RTC CM streams of the same component should have the same oslc_config:Component

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