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BPM 8.5.5 SCA module build problem

Cliff Gardiner (92932) | asked Jul 03 '15, 11:03 a.m.
Hi all,

I'm struggling to configure a BPM build on my Windows Server 2008 R2 build server, running the RTC Build System Toolkit 4.0.7.  The aim is to create EAR files for Short Running Process Orchestrations via an RTC build, then eventually for those built artefacts to be deployed via UrbanCode.

I have abandoned the runAntWid.bat approach in favour of using the servicedeploy Ant task provided by; my problem is identifying what jar file provides that Ant task.

I have installed IID and its Unit Test Environment, which is WAS but I can't find the right jar file anywhere.  IBM documentation doesn't help - it tells me the task is in the package but not where to get it from!  And I have looked long and hard.

If anyone can enlighten me I'd be most grateful.


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anil chandu (2111) | answered Jul 06 '15, 1:29 a.m.


We are able to create the EAR successfully using Servicedeploy.bat in ant script ..the script fetch the data from RTC, prepare build in buildsystem and create the EAR.

first you need to do the following steps:
1) Install BPM software in your build systems(Windows or unix OS system).
2) after you have installed BPM, there is a serviceDeploy.bat/.sh created under bin directory.
3) you need to call that bat file inside Ant script, Give the whole data as a input zip file formate to servicedeploy.bat, the script will automatically compile the SCA module and create the EAR file(>ServiceDeploy.bat-->CliffABCService.ear).
4) after created the EAR file(SCA module EAR file) we can deploy the EAR in any BPM server.

Note :---- Normal EAR file, cant deploy in BPM server, Only sca module ear that prepare by servicedeploly.bat will be accepted by BPM server).


Anil kumar

Phone: 9632440620(india)


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Cliff Gardiner (92932) | answered Jul 06 '15, 4:06 a.m.

Thanks Anil,

much as I would prefer to use the serviceDeploy Ant task I've come to the conclusion that the bat file alternative as you describe is the way to go.  It's a very similar approach to BAM builds for monitoring models, and that also needs a PI zip file as input.



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