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Analysis Wizard from Doors 9.x available on doors NG ?

Sylvie BABOULENE (155) | asked Jul 03 '15, 7:47 a.m.

Subject is in the title, i need to find a fonctionnality with the same behaviour than analysis wizard in Doors 9.x.

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David Sedar (26) | answered Mar 19 '18, 1:33 p.m.


Sorry I don't have any answer - but I really need this facility too.
Having come from DOORS Classic and found the Analysis Wizard absolutely essential, I am really disappointed with the very weak facility in DOORS NG.
Many of our System Requirements have the same wording as the original Customer Requirement,
so for the Link attribute column to merely give the ID and text is nearly useless.
What I need (and I should have thought others too) is to see the Module Name and some of its attributes - exactly what the Analysis Wizard in DOORS Classic did.

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Steve Dennehy (415) | answered Mar 19 '18, 10:56 p.m.

You can build most of that functionality with Jazz Report Builder. It is then not 100% live data, but you can follow links between artifacts, and show selected attributes of each artifact. It is quite powerful.

I still liked the Analysis wizard, and would love to have it in NG, but if you "really need this facility" there is a solution available.  

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