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Is it possible to find out if a user exists in RTC using OSLC

Sanjeev Kulkarni (331822) | asked Jun 10 '15, 9:14 a.m.
edited Jun 10 '15, 9:16 a.m.
We need to set subscribers in work items.
But not sure if user exists in RTC.

1. Check if user exists in RTC
1.a Yes: Set as subscriber
1.b NO: Skip setting subscriber.

Don't want to get all users and then find from the list.
Want to check if specific user exists in direct go using OSLC.

Thanks in advance!

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Krzysztof Ka┼║mierczyk (7.4k476103) | answered Jun 10 '15, 12:24 p.m.
Hi Sanjeev,
OSLC does not provide such functionality. But you can use it in RTC by using following query:


This is an example to find user test.

Let us know if that helps.

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