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How do I find the component corresponding to file/folder in a sandbox?

Mike Blake-Knox (835) | asked Jun 05 '15, 12:03 p.m.
edited Jun 09 '15, 9:42 a.m.

I'm trying to do some processing on each of components loaded in a sandbox. My approach is to iterate through the top level of Windows file system folders in the sandbox then use the component name to drive my processing logic. How can I obtain the component name for a specific file/folder in a sandbox?

For instance, if component appComponent is loaded in the sandbox at appSandbox/app, how can I find which component is associated with appSandbox/app? This would be easy if a Base Folder was always created when the component was loaded but unfortunately I can't make that assumption.

My original question was based on Lily Wang's suggestion (in an earlier question) of using the scm status subcommand. I accepted that answer then discovered that the scm status subcommand was deprecated and pointed that out in a comment to her answer. The suggested alternative is the scm show status command. I found that it didn't allow me to provide the name of top level folders and hence wasn't able to provide the component name. She asked to see my output which I intended to add into the comment. The forum wouldn't let me do that so  submitted it again as a new question.



Here's the output I see:

The scm status subcommand gets the path you're interested in by using your current working directory.

E:\appSandbox\app>scm --show-uuid yes status --no-local-refresh
Password (mbxxxxkxxx @
Workspace: (1000:_2Y9C8PXDEeSGz_LVb03HhA) "TCI_CTI_Dev_mbxxxxkxxx_wk" <-> (1001>
  Component: (1002:_7gaFR7w5EeSd3KYw5xOn4Q) "TCI_CTI_SF_comp"
    Baseline: (1003:_nlHXUrxAEeSd3KYw5xOn4Q) 2 "Snapshot for loading SF to Rele>

The show status subcommand doesn't appear to be sensitive to the working directory and doesn't allow the the top foldername to be specified in the -d argument. I see this:

E:\appSandbox\app>scm show status -d E:\appSandbox -N -v
Local file system is consistent.
Password (mblakeknox @
Workspace: (1004) "TCI Framework_4.1_Dev_mbxxxxkxxx_wk" <-> (1005) "TCI Framewo>
  Component: (1006) "Framework_4.1_comp"
    Baseline: (1007) 18 "Snapshot for move to TCI Agile CM - 1/15"
Workspace: (1000) "TCI_CTI_Dev_mbxxxxkxxx_wk" <-> (1001) "TCI_CTI_Dev_Stream"  >
  Component: (1002) "TCI_CTI_SF_comp"
    Baseline: (1003) 2 "Snapshot for loading SF to Release Stream - Initial Loa>

Another possibility came to mind. Can the property get subcommand return the local full path property of a component. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to come up with the name of the local full path property.


Ralph Schoon commented Jun 09 '15, 3:14 a.m.

I am not sure what the question is, really.

Geoffrey Clemm commented Jun 09 '15, 7:20 p.m.

He wants to use the RTC command line to determine the display name (and/or UUID) of the component for a given file/folder loaded at a specified location in a sandbox.

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