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What does the tag ds:deleted mean in RRC?

Igor Felix (105) | asked May 27 '15, 1:53 p.m.
I am trying to extract information about artifacts using RRC REST API. In order to avoid tests in production environment, a lab environment was created. The OS and Jazz ALM database and configuration files are exacty equal to the ones in production. The differences are only 3 weeks of data (TODAY minus 3 weeks) and hardware (less memory and disk space), and no others. But when I try to obtain RM resources using the following query, the results are totally different:


The data shown in production enviroment seems to be correct, but there is no data returned when executed in lab environment in the majority of project areas, and when there is data returned, this tag ds:deleted is shown and set to true. The team that created the lab environment told me that there is no logical deletion on RRC, so this gets even stranger considering all the facts.

Can anyone tell me what does this tag mean, and any possible reason for this strange behavior? Maybe some configuration in the lab environment that was undetected?

Thanks in advance,
Igor Sousa

Donald Nong commented May 28 '15, 1:23 a.m.

Just curious, when you imported the data from the production into the testing environment, did you do "server rename" or use hosts file to map the original host (so that the URLs remain the same)?

Igor Felix commented May 28 '15, 8:58 a.m.

 Donald, it is the second option: hosts file to map the original host. It's been done this way, in according to the lab team, to create an environment exactly like production and avoid differences in database structures.

Igor Felix commented May 29 '15, 8:29 a.m.

 It seems that a problem was found in the lab environment, probably because there was an absence of a disk. I don't know exactly what the lab team meant by this, but I'll post when I have further information. So, to consider this question answered, I'd only like to know what does the tag mean, if there is logical deletion on RRC, and how to do it. Thanks a lot.

Stef van Dijk commented Jul 18 '15, 10:54 a.m.


While I can't specifically address the question about the tag, I did want to address your question about the "logical" deletion in RRC.
When you "delete" artifacts in RRC they are actually archived, and while no longer accessible (except via history or baselines), they do still exist in the database. Artifacts are not truly deleted unless an overt action is taken using the repotools commands.

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