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How to set artifact values using RM.Data.setAttributes

Vikash Singh (422565) | asked Apr 22 '15, 6:25 a.m.

I wright the below script and trying to set the artifact values for the attribute Priority. Below I am trying to assign '7' to Priority. It is not working. 

RM.Event.subscribe(RM.Event.ARTIFACT_SELECTED, function(artifacts) {
RM.Data.getAttributes(artifacts, [RM.Data.Attributes.First,"Priority"], function(opResult) {
var attrs =[0];
alert("Priority attribute is :" +attrs.values["Priority"]);
var priority = 7;
alert("Priority "+priority);
attrs.values["Priority"] = priority;
RM.Data.setAttributes(toSave, function(result){
         if(result.code !== RM.OperationResult.OPERATION_OK)
            alert("in IF Loop");
alert("in Else Loop");

Please tell me the what is the issue and how to set the value in artifact?

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