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What does the built-in attribute "Archived" actually do besides giving you a boolean queryable attribute?

Janet Charbonneau (852454) | asked Apr 07 '15, 4:43 p.m.

I would like to archive work items and have them hidden to the normal user.  I added the "Archived" attribute onto the Task work item to test it.  I chose a closed task and selected the checkbox next to Archived in that task.  I then went into the same task and am still able to see it.  I did a query and still saw it in the query.  I am a JazzAdmin, so I had one of the JazzUsers run the query and it is still showing up there.  I am assuming that the only thing this attribute will do is allow me to add one more condition to the query of "Archive" is False.

Is that the only thing that this attribute will do?  I want to hide archived work items.  Any suggestions on how to do this?  I am considering putting a Restricted Access attribute on the work item and create an Access Control Group called "Archived" so that the Archived work items will actually be hidden from all users except Admins.

Any more info on the Archived built-in attribute or another way to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated.


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Glenn Bardwell (58621527) | answered Apr 16 '15, 5:43 p.m.

Archived is a built in queryable field in the data model. It provides a means to do what you're suggesting, filter out archived records via a query. In the workitem record in the database there is a  field called archived with a value of 1 (true) or 0 (false). You can add that value to the presentation as you've done and allow this to be set/cleared. The field doesn't have any additional meaning. Many other APIs are sensitive to archive (e.g they include a parameter includeArchive), but I don't see that for workitems.

You can get the same sort of result by moving the unwanted workitems to another project area.

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