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Getting Files in unresolved when loaded in to RAD from RTC even though not having any difference in file content.

Vijay Reddy Gaddam (562741) | asked Mar 17 '15, 9:02 a.m.
edited Mar 17 '15, 9:03 a.m.

Getting Files in unresolved when loaded in to RAD from RTC even though not having any difference in file content.

 Problem Description:
         A batch script will be executed   in our  local machine DOS Promt(Windows7) to generate files  on the project(eq:workspace-ehbo) which is already loaded from RTC through RAD(Eclipse Client) in to sandbox .


start /B /wait taskkill /F /IM mtail.exe
cd c:\projects\NSF-3.0
cd C:\projects\NSF-3.0\workspace-ehbo\descriptors\applications\ehbo
harvest_application.bat ehbo
harvest_component.bat ehbo ehbocomp
C:\usr\bin\mTail\mTail.exe /start /recycle c:\mylogs\expand-ehbo.log
expand_application_ehbo.bat > c:\mylogs\expand-ehbo.log 2>&1
xcopy /Y c:\projects\NSF-3.0\projects\ehbo\descriptors\components\ehbocomp\ext\view-ext\struts2\WEB-INF\classes C:\projects\NSF-3.0\projects\ehbo\expansions\applications\ehbo\struts\WEB-INF\classes
rem C:\projects\NSF-3.0\projects\ehbo\expansions\components\ehbocomp\view-ext\knockout\WEB-INF\classes

Once the execution of script done , some files are getting as changes in unresolved even though content in the file not changed(no differences).

My observations:
For the files which are having the above issue, the Delimiter set was to "Platform".
But when I tried to change the delimiter to single file to LF(Unix) and re-ran the script ,I didn't see any changes for this file.

But when I tried to configure the delimiter at the project level to "Platform" for all file types and ran the script, again I see files in unresolved even though no difference in the file content.

Is their any way to solve this issue.
My version of RTC is 4.0.4


Evan Hughes commented Mar 17 '15, 9:58 a.m.
Could you manually perform the load, then run 'scm status' on the loaded files to see if there are changes introduced during the load? I suspect that some portion of the script inadvertently modifies the files after they are loaded. 

(Another possibility is that the files are being copied into another sandbox and 'status' is being run there)

Vijay Reddy Gaddam commented Mar 20 '15, 5:57 a.m.

We are running the script on the files that are loaded. Could you suggest how to avoid this delimiters issue.

I only see that the modified date is different but content in the files are same.

Evan Hughes commented Mar 23 '15, 9:40 a.m.

I'd like to understand where the changes are occurring. I can't provide any guidance with the information in the question, since I don't know what your scripts do, nor do I know how you're calling 'scm'. 

To track down your problem, I suggest you perform each step in the script manually and run 'scm status' after each one to see when the delimiters are changed. 

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