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Can you connect from RTC to RAM and have the link show up on both sides (like it does from RAM to RTC)?

Janet Charbonneau (851743) | asked Feb 24 '15, 3:24 p.m.

We are currently able to go into an asset in RAM and link that to a work item in RTC.  Once completed, there is a link in RAM back to the work item in RTC.  Plus, in that work item in RTC, it automatically creates a "Related Artifacts" link with the RAM asset (showing the name of the RAM asset). 

When I attempt to go the other way (RTC to RAM), I select the "Related Artifacts" link, but it only allows me to put in a URL.  I can put in the URL of the asset and it does create a link to that asset.  However, it puts the entire URL address (instead of the asset name) and it does not create a reverse link in the RAM asset,  So this is just a one way "link" (essentially just putting in a hyperlink to an URL).

Is there a way to create a link in RTC where it will allow you to look up the asset within RAM like it works in the reverse direction (with a pop-up window for selection)?  And for it to automatically create a link back to the RTC work item within the RAM asset?  Essentially like a connection from RTC to RQM would work. 

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Janet Charbonneau (851743) | answered Feb 09 '16, 11:56 a.m.
The answer is that the functionality does not currently exist.  Our IBM sales team is working with the developers to get this functionality.  I understand we received a demo of this functionality, but do not know when it will be incorporated into a release or ifix

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